The Christians at Laodicea pictured themselves as rich and self-sufficient,  when in reality, their spiritual blindness and self-righteousness had prevented them from recognizing their true poverty.  Though they had closed a door between themselves and Jesus, He never gave up on them.  Can you relate to this idea of a loving Savior reaching out to you?

Revelation 3:20 shows that Jesus.....

1.  Stands at the door--The Lord takes the initiative.  He is ready and willing to seek us, even when we have erected a barrier.

2.  Knocks at the door--He tries to get our attention through a variety of means, including circumstances, pains, trials, conviction, sleeplessness, and/or His Word.  Then He patiently awaits our response.

3.  Invites us to open the door--Though Christ is omnipotent, He never pushes His way into a relationship with us.  He lets us respond.

4.  Enters through the door--If we open up to Him, He will come into our lives.  Through the indwelling Holy Spirit, we will actually partake of Christ's divine nature and slowly be transformed into His image.

5.  Dines with us indoors--Now that nothing stands between us and Jesus, we can begin to enjoy all the benefits of an intimate relationship with Him and be nourished by His Word.

Where are you in this process?  Have you built a barrier between yourself and the Lord?  The Laodiceans show us how miserable we are when we try to keep Jesus at arm's length.  Only when we let Him have unhindered access to our lives, will we experience the joy of intimacy with Him.