Soldier 2



Soldiers Of Christ was founded in 2012 by James Finchum.  At first Soldiers started as a frame of mind.  Then as ideas for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ began to fill Jim's mind, he created a Facebook Group under the same name.  Through the blessings of our Lord, the group began to grow immensely.  We are still growing. 

Soldiers is dedicated to teaching the love of Christ, teaching our need to help our fellow humans.  We are also dedicated to letting others know of the love of Jesus.  Upon visiting our home here you will find teachings, facts, and a Staff that are dedicated to help you in any manner that you may need.  You will meet the Staff of Soldiers, under our Staff Page.

.  Please pardon our dust as we are still in the process of building the site.   We will be offering a page for prayer requests also.  Soldiers has dedicated prayer warriors.  Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your visit.  God Bless You.

Below you will find Rev. Finchum"s Letter of Ordination from:

The National Association of Christian Ministers (N.A.C.M.), LC
acknowledges that:

You have demonstrated a devout belief in the Christian faith, a call
to ministry, and have passed the scrutiny of the Council of Elders.
Therefore, on the authority of Matthew 28:19-20 this religious
organization deems you an Independent Ordained Minister with all of
the obligations and rites that are associated with this title.

Father, in the name of Jesus we set apart your servant this day
requesting that you make use of them in the ministry of your Kingdom.
We ask that you give them wisdom to know your ways, strength to resist
sin, courage to face adversity, and a love for people that fulfills
your law.  We thank you for your purpose and calling on their life.

By the blood of Jesus and the power of His Spirit –AMEN.

Congratulations on your acceptance and recognition into the Christian
ministry of Jesus Christ. The N.A.C.M. has enlisted you in its
Minister Verification Database (MVD) so that government and civil
agencies may confirm your good standing with our organization.